Dear Members,

We have a busy summer schedule available to our members.  As always the catfish pond is open from sunrise to sunset each day.  Visit the home page for the most recent announcements!

A great big thanks to Scott Morgan and company for the improvements on the lower range.  Bob Abernathy is helping proof the web site with Dave Wotring.  Our teenage shooters, Quintin Wotring and Elijah Ellis,  just returned from the Junior Olympic training camp and competition in Colorado Springs .  Quintin came back with a fourth place in his age group, out only 1 point from 3rd place.

Please come out and enjoy the shooting, fishing and archery sports.  Above all, act safely and responsibly,  be sure to pick up any targets and/or trash when you leave the ranges, mind the Sunday start and finish times (noon until 5:00PM on Sunday), and be respectful of our club property.

Robert Camponovo,