The Vintage and Modern Military Rifle and Handgun Matches will be held on the Lower Rifle & Pistol Range the third Saturday of each month March through September.

March 21, April 18, May 16, June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19 2020


Vintage military arms will be rifles and pistols in centerfire calibers, either original or replicas, adopted for use by any army, navy, or other military service prior to 1948, in as-issued condition. Vintage Modern military arms are those adopted in 1948 or later. Beginning in 2018, Modern Rifles also allow a free floated barrel, after market triggers with at least a 4.5 pound pull weight and optics/red dots with a maximum power of 4.5x.  Please see the rule book (in downloadable documents below) for prohibited firearms and ammunition.  Select fire weapons are NOT allowed even with appropriate Federal forms and used in semi-auto mode.


Must be of the correct caliber, safe to fire, and inert – tracer, incendiary and exploding projectiles are prohibited, as are sabots. Handloads are fine, as are softpoint and hollow point bullets.  Large calibers such as 50 BMG, 338 Lapua etc are prohibited by club rules on the lower rifle range.


All matches are fired from the standing offhand position.  Rifle matches are one string of 20 shots fired in 25 minutes.  Pistol matches are two strings of 10 shots in 10 minutes with a scoring period and five minute rest break between strings.  If all shooters are finished shooting their string before time expires, the line will be cleared and called cold.  There are 20 total shots being fired for score in each match. Rifle matches are fired at 100 yards on bull’s-eye SR-1 targets, pistols are fired at 25 yards on bull’s-eyes B-8P targets. Up to 3 supervised fouling shots per match will be allowed. We will count the top six scores out of the possible seven matches for each shooter in Vintage and Modern Vintage to determine high gun for the year.


Match fees are $5.00 per match or $20 for all five matches for adults. Juniors shoot free.


Eye and ear protection are required. Prescription lenses meet this requirement but contact lenses do not. Commercially manufactured earmuffs or earplugs are required.  Each firearm on your bench must have an empty chamber flag / open bolt indicator.  If you don't have one, we will provide one for you.  At least 20 rounds of proper ammunition for each match plus up to 3 fouling shots.


A range bag or case, lunch, snacks and drinks, pens, pencils or markers, stapler with extra staples, hand towel, eyeglass cloths, a cap, a poncho, insect repellent, cleaning gear, Windex if shooting corrosive ammunition, tools for tightening screws, drifting sights and adjusting optics and a spotting scope or binoculars.


Registration/check in starts at 8:30am.

The mandatory safety briefing for shooters is at 8:50am.

The Modern Vintage Military Rifle Match begins at 9:00am.

The Modern Military Rifle Match starts as soon as we can after the first match concludes.

Modern Military Pistol Match begins shortly after the Modern Rifle match finishes.

Approximately 30 minutes for lunch.  Bring something to the range to eat, that is not enough time to go offsite.

If you are planning on just shooting the vintage matches, please be at the range by 11:00am knowing you will have to wait a bit.  I'll repeat the safety briefing during lunch for any new arrivals.

The Vintage Military Rifle Match will begin at approximately 11:30.

The Vintage Military Pistol Match will begin shortly after the Vintage Rifle Match concludes.

Using this format in 2019, we were finishing around 1:45 to 2:00 in the afternoon.

Please note:  The lower pistol and rifle range will be closed on match days from first light to 3pm during set up, the actual match and clean up.  After the match is completed, the range will be opened back up for club shooters.

Downloadable Documents

New shooters, please read the Military Yellowsheet Rulebook before your first match.  It contains important information such as the range commands we will be using during the match and what they mean.  If you are planning on just watching a match, it would still be a good idea to know what will be happening.

2019 CRGC Military Match Flyer

2019 CRGC Military Match Rule Book

Blank 2019 Military Match Excel Score Sheet. For those that would like to come to the range with a pre-printed score sheet.  You can enter your competitor/participant status, the list of your firearm makes, models and calibers, name, address and email into this excel template and save time by not having to fill one out at the range.  NEW: Blank PDF form score sheet

Cherokee Rod and Gun Club General Range Rules

Use Google Maps to get to Cherokee Rod and Gun Club

Cherokee Rod and Gun Club
4280 Reservoir Road
Kingsport, TN  37660

If you would like more information, have any questions about the military match or you'd like to be added to my mailing list, please use the contact form below. 

The emails generated from the list will consist of three or four off season updates, a reminder before each match and the results of each match. 
You may ask me at any time to remove you from the list and the last email you'll receive is a confirmation that you have been removed. 
I do not share the list and do my best to send out everything as a bcc so you don't end up on any spam lists because of these emails.

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Military News

Military Match 10/17/2020

Good afternoon all, We had six shooters this very fine fall day.  Five of us shot for score, one shot as a participant.  The day started off chilly, but was pretty good by lunch. Because of COVID, we only shot matches June, September and October.  So I didn’t have to change my spreadsheet for what […]

Military Match 9/19/2020

All, The weather was very pleasant today – just like the company. We had ten shooters today and completed the 2nd match of the season. https://www.cherokeerodandgunclub.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Military-Match-Summary-202009-scores.pdf We’ve decided to do our best to get another match in this year and it’s scheduled for the 3rd Saturday in October, the 17th. There is one change to […]

Military Match 8/15/2020

I only had 3 people tell me they were interested in shooting this Saturday’s match, so I’ve decided to cancel it. On the COVID front, we had the first day of decreasing active cases this week in my three home counties since June 21st. The 14 regional counties put 2 days of decreases back to […]

Military Match 7/18/2020 Cancelled

All, I’ve decided to cancel this weekend’s match at Cherokee. I can’t find any trend in my analysis of Tennessee’s COVID data that says it would be a good idea to get together this weekend. I’d already basically made that decision even before I found out about Sullivan and Washington counties mandating masks when around […]

Range Work Day – 7/2/2020

Dennis Rutledge is tentatively scheduling a work day on the lower pistol and rife range on 7/2/2020 starting at 9am weather permitting. They will be extending the 100 yard targets by building another 20’ long area of the same coroplast that is on the other section. We will be putting up 3 posts with 2 […]

Military Match 5/12/2020

From Brian Sims, Military Match Director: All, I’m cancelling the military match that was to be held this Saturday, May 16h. The opinion of the core group of shooters I have communicated with over the weekend think it is still to early to start back. Nobody responded that they were going to shoot this weekend […]

The 2019 Cherokee Rod and Gun Club Military Match Season begins in