Lost and Found

4280 Reservoir Road
Kingsport Tennessee, 37660
(2.6 miles past Bays Mtn. sign)

Please report any lost and found items at the range using the below form. In the comment section, please give as much detail as you can.

Your contact information entered into the below form will remain confidential.  If you request a public post, we will post the item details, NOT your contact information.

Lost and Found Contact Form

Cherokee Member number.

Additional email addresses may be entered into the item information text field.

Please enter only digits, no dashes or ()'s. Additional phone numbers may be listed in the item information field.

If you are looking for an item that was left, please select 'Lost.' If you have found an item, please select 'Found.'

Let us know whether or not to make a public post about the item.

Please give us as much detail as possible to help us get the item back to its owner.

Lost Fitbit Watch 5/13/2021

Lost Fitbit watch either on 5 stand or trap course on Sunday, May 13th.  Watch has gold face with cover and a gold band. If you know anything about the watch, please contact us at either https://www.cherokeerodandgunclub.com/lostandfound/ or https://www.cherokeerodandgunclub.com/contactmembership/

Item found today on lower range

If you left something at the lower pistol and rifle range today, Friday 6/11/21, please contact us at https://www.cherokeerodandgunclub.com/lostandfound/ Let us know what it was, and if we have it, we’ll figure out how to get it back to you.

Glock 43x Shield Arms P15 Magazine

Was lost on the lower pistol and rifle range. If you find it, please let us know at https://www.cherokeerodandgunclub.com/lostandfound/ or https://www.cherokeerodandgunclub.com/contactmembership/

Lost and Found 12/22/2020

Lost on the upper range on 12/22, two Glock 43 mags, one black factory magzine and one clear ets magazine. If you have any information about them, please contact us at https://www.cherokeerodandgunclub.com/lostandfound/

Lost and Found 12/23/2020 (Updated)

An item was left at the range yesterday that I’m pretty sure the owner would want back. If you left something, please use the form at https://www.cherokeerodandgunclub.com/lostandfound/ to report what you left and where. As much detail about the item as you can give will be appreciated. Update: We think we know the the item […]

Lost and Found 10/5/2020

An item was left at the range late this afternoon. If you left it, please let us know where and what it was and we’ll get it back to you. Contact us with this form: https://www.cherokeerodandgunclub.com/lostandfound/