Military Match 3/1/2021

I’ve decided to start the military match in April instead of March this year for a couple of reasons. I’m also extending the matches through October so we will have the same number of matches during the shooting season. I am hopeful that starting a month later, we’ll have better weather and not have to […]

Military Match 9/19/2020

All, The weather was very pleasant today – just like the company. We had ten shooters today and completed the 2nd match of the season. We’ve decided to do our best to get another match in this year and it’s scheduled for the 3rd Saturday in October, the 17th. There is one change to […]

Military Match 5/12/2020

From Brian Sims, Military Match Director: All, I’m cancelling the military match that was to be held this Saturday, May 16h. The opinion of the core group of shooters I have communicated with over the weekend think it is still to early to start back. Nobody responded that they were going to shoot this weekend […]