Military Match 8/17/2019

Thanks to everyone that came out today.  You made it an easy match, I appreciate that.  If you see any mistakes in my score keeping, please let me know. The general consensuses was, yes today was hot, but still better than last month.  The match in September ought to be even cooler. Speaking of September’s […]


After much head scratching, I think I got the April military match results into practiscore and I’ll see if I can use it live during the May match. The April results can be found at To set up our scoring, I had to use a 20 shot rifle target and two 10 shot pistol […]

Military Match 3/16/2019

Hello All, Hopefully the winter has been good to you and you’ve not suffered any flood damage. January and February were just awful. According to the forecast, the weather looks decent for March on Saturday. We’ll be starting around 38 degrees, finishing at 47 degrees with only a 7% chance of precipitation and decreasing clouds. […]