Shotgun News 1/18/2021

From Larry Dark: Howdy ALL SCHEDULED EVENTS ARE WEATHER PERMITTING….. Tuesday 1/19 Open practice on the hill. Trap and skeet ranges open by 4:30 (lately there’s been the most shooting earlier , some shooting as early as 2:30)   Friday 1/22 Arts old codgers will shoot on the hill . They get started around 9:30a […]

Shotgun News 1/11/2021

From Larry Dark: Howdy ALL SCHEDULED EVENTS ARE WEATHER PERMITTING THIS TIME OF YEAR I know everyone’s getting a little cabin fever right now. We had a pretty good turn out for 5 stand this weekend. Thanks to John Keith and Tony Hubbard for keeping the 5 stand rolling. Rodney is out with a Knee replacement […]

Shotgun News 1/4/2021

From Larry Dark: Howdy ****ALL SCHEDULED EVENTS ARE WEATHER PERMITTING​​​​​​​​…….   There are still some shooting opportunities here in east Tennessee as long as you can find shotgun shells. The corona virus has really thrown a damper on a lot of our scheduled activities. At Cherokee we have been scheduling outdoor activities but are cancelling […]

Shotgun News 12/29/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy I certainly hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Here we are , getting ready to start a new year. Hopefully things with this abominable virus will start to slow down soon. It has changed many things for us this past year. We have temporarily suspended our trophy shoots because of using […]