22 Silhouette 5/14/2019

From Match Director TA Smith Today under sunny skies and very pleasant conditions, we held the May match for 22 Rifle Silhouette at Cherokee Rod & Gun Club. 16 people came out for the match: 15 competitors and 1 interested observer.After the smoke cleared and the little metal animals were put away, Jeff Vicars emerged as […]

Shotgun News 5/6/2019

From Larry Dark: Howdy Cherokee had  Ladies Day last Saturday. Looked like a success from where I was, the ladies shooting the shotguns seemed to have a good time (the jumping up and down and squealing was a give away) and every one I had broke at least one moving target. Some were really good […]

Mother’s Day 5/12/2019

If you’ve forgotten about it, you still have time to get a gift. Since it’ll be Mother’s day this Sunday, there are schedule changes at Cherokee. I know there will NOT be a Safety Orientation for new members or Five Stand. I’d recommend checking with the director of the event if you’re planning on shooting […]


After much head scratching, I think I got the April military match results into practiscore and I’ll see if I can use it live during the May match. The April results can be found at https://practiscore.com/results/html/822288ec-6ed5-4bb1-8d6d-49bebb69bc6c To set up our scoring, I had to use a 20 shot rifle target and two 10 shot pistol […]