4280 Reservoir Road
Kingsport Tennessee, 37660
(2.6 miles past Bays Mtn. sign)

22 LR Bench Rest Sporter, Open Sight and Unlimited will be held at the lower range on the 3rd Tuesday of the month on April 16, May 21, June 18, July 16, August 20 and September 17 2019.

TIME: We will begin setting up the range at 8 A.M. and shooting for score at 9 A.M.



2019 50 yd 22 Bench Rest Rules


a. Factory sporter rifle, no bench rest or target type rifle allowed.
b. NO aftermarket stocks, barrels or actions allowed and must be as catalogued.No enhancements to the stock. No adjustable stocks. No tuners. No extra weights.
c. Triggers may be tuned, but the safety must work on the rifle.
d. Scope must be maximum of 20X or a variable set to no more than 20X
e. IBS rimfire 50 yard targets will be used.


Open Sight (peep sights)
a. Must be open sights with no lenses for magnification. Adjustable irises and filters are permitted.
b. No aftermarket actions or barrels. No Tuners allowed.
c. Aftermarket stocks are permitted. Adjustable cheek piece and butt stock is permitted. Nothing can be attached to the stock, with the exception of a bipod.
d. Spotting scope is allowed, but the shooter must spot for themselves.
e. NRA official 50 yard target will be used and sighter target also provided.


a. Factory Actions and Barrels only
b. No tuners allowed.
c. Aftermarket triggers allowed
d. Aftermarket stocks allowed.
e. Adjustable cheek piece and butt stock permitted.
f. No bench rest specific stocks permitted.
g. No attachment to the stock except for bipod.
h. No limit on scope magnification.
i. IBS rimfire 50 yard targets will be used.


a. Any gun allowed, except rail guns.
b. No 1 piece rest
c. No wind flags or windicators
d. Scope of any magnification
e. IBS rimfire 50 yard targets will be used.


General rules:
1) All club safety rules will be observed.
2) Ear and eye protection is required.
3) Chamber flags must be used.
4) 22 lr ammo only.
5) 2 piece rests must be used in all classes. Bipods and rear bag also allowed.
6) You will have 20 minutes to complete your shots for score and any sighters needed. If all shooters have completed their targets before the 20 minute limit has been reached the range will be declared cold.
7) No shooting gloves, jackets, slings or other shooting aids allowed.
8) Match fee is $5.00 per class


Download a copy of the 2019 Rule book: Cherokee Rod and Gun Club 2019 22 Bench Rest rules rev1


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT MATCH DIRECTOR: Email Steve Pennington stephenp9292@gmail.com or call (276)-690-5279.