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We are involved and active in issues concerning sportsmen and conservationists through our membership in and support of East Tennessee Sportsmen's Federation, Tennessee Conservation League and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency . Cherokee Rod & Gun Club is one of the strongest conservation interests in East Tennessee.




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Military Match 8/17/2019

Thanks to everyone that came out today.  You made it an easy match, I appreciate that.  If you see any mistakes in my score keeping, please let me know. The general consensuses was, yes today was hot, but still better than last month.  The match in September ought to be even cooler. Speaking of September’s […]

22 Silhouette 8/13/2019

From T.A. Smith: Cherokee Rod & Gun Club held the August match for 22 Rifle Silhouette today. Eleven participants plus three observers showed up for the match on a hot and breezy day. Jeff Vicars shot a great score of 25 to win this match. Bill Anderson won the shootoff with Jim Horton to claim 2nd place.Full […]

Shotgun News 8/12/2019

From Larry Dark: Howdy! Well summer is upon us for sure. Yes its hot but in just a couple months we will fuss about it being cold. Take advantage of this beautiful weather and come out to shoot. Tuesday 8/13 Open practice on the hill . Trap and skeet ranges will be open by 4:30p […]

Black Powder 8/10/2019

From Jonathon Price: Attached are the scores from the August BPCR match. Page 8 shows the results of the August match and page 13 shows the yearly totals. Remember that the lowest score of the year will be dropped if you shoot all 7 matches after the September match so the yearly total won’t be […]

Shotgun News 8/5/2019

From Larry Dark: Howdy This week will start our FIRST 5 stand league. I hope to see everyone out on Tuesday. Tuesday 8/6 Open practice on the hill Trap and Skeet ranges open by 4:30p Five Stand League Ranges ready by 5p (probably a little before.) THE LOWER TRAP WILL BE CLOSED DURING THE 5 […]