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We are involved and active in issues concerning sportsmen and conservationists through our membership in and support of East Tennessee Sportsmen's Federation, Tennessee Conservation League and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency . Cherokee Rod & Gun Club is one of the strongest conservation interests in East Tennessee.




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Shotgun News 1/20/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy ALL EVENTS ARE WEATHER PERMITTING We had a “mostly” decent day for our Trophy Shoot this past Saturday. We really had a great turnout for the forecast. Unfortunately we did have to cancel our big 50 ATA due to rain. The results from the trophy shoot are following in this email. […]

Shotgun News 1/13/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy We have had a week of spring time  last week. Its anyone’s guess on this week . As always this time of year all events are Weather Permitting. The trophy shoot at wilderness felt like an early summer shoot. Ashlan Forester , better known as half took home the honors of […]

Shotgun News 1/6/2020

From Larry Dark: Howdy THIS TIME OF YEAR ALL EVENTS ARE WEATHER PERMITTING The weather the last couple weeks has not been super for shotgunning. Hopefully we will have a little more cooperation from the weatherman this week. We’ve  had  several new members to Cherokee rod and gun club in the last month. I want […]

Club News 1/6/2020

An update on the 2020 renewal process: Our plan is to have the renewals completed and new cards mailed out by February 1st if we received your application and payment by the middle of January. As a reminder, your orange 2019 card will still open the gate through February 29th, 2020. Starting March 1st, you […]

Club News 1/4/2020

I just got confirmation at 9 this morning that I can turn on email receipts at Stripe and you should get an email pretty quickly after completing the renewal and payment process. If you don’t, please let me know so we can try again. If you’ve renewed and paid earlier, didn’t get a receipt and […]