22 Rifle Silhouette

Cherokee Rod and Gun Club holds a series of 22 Rifle Silhouette Matches each year for the 7 months of April through October.
Matches are scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of each month, beginning at 9 am on the Lower Range.
An 22 rifle with any sights can be used in these matches as all firing is from the offhand position with no
shooting jackets allowed. NRA metallic silhouette targets ( one-fifth scale) are positioned at 40, 50, 75, and 100 yards
from the firing line. 10 shots are fired at each distance with a time limit of 2 1/2 minutes for each 5 shots.
Match setup and preparation begins at 8 am and the match starts promptly at 9 am and concludes before 12 noon. Match fee is $5 per shooter.
Season long awards are presented at the conclusion of the last match in October. Awards are based on the highest
5 scores for each shooter over the course of 7 matches.

This is a fun match for all. Thus far in our history of these events, no one has fired a perfect score, nor has
any participant missed all the targets. Come out and join us for these 22 rifle matches, a great way to improve your rifle skills.
Contact match director T.A.Smith for further information at 423-207-0313.

22 Rifle Bench Rest
We shoot 22 Rifle Bench Rest matches on the third Tuesday from April thru September on the lower Rifle and Pistol Range. $5.00 per gun. We have an Open Sight Class with most shooters using the Kimber 82G rifles but other open or peep sighted guns can be used. The Sporter Scoped Class is for the lighter non heavy barrel rifles with a maximum of 20x scope. We also shoot an Unlimited Class with any 22lr rifle and any size scope. We shoot targets at 50 yards. Shooters must use a two piece rest, two sandbags(no extra large bags allowed) or a bipod. No lead sleds allowed. Any 22 long rifle ammo is allowed but no 22 Magnum or other rimfire variables (17 hmr etc.) allowed.

The NRA 50 yard smallbore rifle target is used in the Open Sight Match. Two sighter targets are provided for any sighters needed and a target with 5 bullseyes to shoot 5 shots into each bull for score. Any extra shots onto the scored targets automatically drop your best shot or shots. The Open Sight perfect score would be 250/25X. There is a 30 minute time limit to shoot your 25 shots for score and sighters.

The Sporter Scoped Class uses the IBS Rimfire 50 yard target. It has 3 sighter targets and 25 targets for score. You can shoot any number of sighter shots on the three sighter targets but one shot per target on the 25 scoring targets. Any extra shots on a scoring target automatically drop your best shot of the two. A perfect score would be 250/25X with the 30 minutes to shoot the 25 shots for score and any sighter shots needed.

The Unlimited Class uses the IBS Rimfire target and the scoring rules are the same as the Sporter Class.