The dates for the Modified 22 Silhouette Matches for 2018 will be

April 28

May 26

June 23

July 28

August 25

September 22


We will start setting the range up at 8:30 A.M. and start shooting for score about 9:00 A.M.

The range will be set up with the

1/5 scale pigs at 40 yards

1/5 scale rams at 50 yards

These will be shot offhand, no shooting aids allowed (slings, etc.).

1/5 scale chickens at 75 yards

1/5 scale turkeys at 100 yards

These will be shot from the bench

22 long rifle only



22 LR Bench Rest Sporter, Open Sight and Unlimited will be held at the lower range on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from April thru September. April 17, May 15, June 19, July 17, August 21 and September 18.

TIME: We will begin setting up the range at 8 A.M. and shooting for score at 9 A.M.

COURSE OF FIRE: All shooting will be done from a bench rest while sitting. We will have 30 minutes to shoot any sighters and your 25 shots for score. No sight in period on match day.

FEES: $5.00 match fee for each match fired by a competitor.

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Proper eye and ear protection is required by Club rules.



TARGETS: IBS Rimfire 50 yd. target for Sporter and Unlimited. NRA official 50 yd. small bore rifle target for Open Sight Class. All targets shot at 50 yards.

1. SPORTER CLASS: Factory Sporter type guns only, No Built guns, No Bench Rest guns, No Rail guns, No aftermarket barrels, No aftermarket stocks, Tuners, Adjustable butt plates, extra weights nor stock enhancements. Scopes must be 20 power or less or set on 20 power

2. OPEN SIGHT: Peep sights may not have any magnification or lenses that enhance vision. No aftermarket barrels or aftermarket stocks allowed. Spotting scopes allowed but not spotters. Shooters must spot for themselves.

3. UNLIMITED: Any gun and scope allowed. No one piece rest or wind flags.

1. A two piece rest must be used (front rest and rear bag or bipod and rear bag). No lead sleds, gun vises or cleaning rests allowed.

2. No shooting jackets, gloves sling or any other aids allowed.

3. Open bolt indicators will be used during the match.

4. Ammo must be 22 long rifle only, no other rimfire calibers

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT MATCH DIRECTOR: Wayne Fish 423-360-1407 or E-Mail wfish88@gmail.com

2018 Silhouette Matches


Cherokee Rod and Gun Club invites all area 22 Rifle Shooters to our silhouette matches in



We will have seven matches this year, April 10; May 8; June 12; July 10; August 14; September 11, and October 9, all 2018.


We meet the second Tuesday of the scheduled months with sign up beginning from 8-9:00am and the first relay will start at 9:00 am. A maximum of 8 shooters per relay will shoot the course under commands of the rangemaster. Relays will continue until all competitors have completed the course of fire. Matches are normally completed before noon.


Course of fire will be 40 shots, 10 shots at each bank of silhouettes. Chickens at 40 yds, Pigs at 50 yds, Turkeys at 75 yds, and Rams at 100 yds. Targets must be struck in left to right order and the silhouette must fall over to be counted as a hit. Silhouettes knocked over out of order will be counted as misses.


Any 22 rimfire rifle firing 22 short, long, or long rifle ammunition is legal for these matches. Any sights are allowed. No slings or shooting coats. Eye and ear protection is required for all shooters.


Entry fee is $5.00 per match. Scores will be recorded for recognition of the 2018 aggregate winners. There will be 7 matches and the 5 highest scores recorded by each shooter will count toward the YTD trophy awards.




The match director is T. A. Smith and he can be reached at (423)207-0313 for any questions about the matches.